10 Ideas for New Year Resolutions

We, at the GPD HQ, are very excited about what 2013 has in store for us. Primarily because we are young and stupid, and therefore sure that there is nothing life can throw at us that we can’t handle (except zombies). And much like you all, every year when the resolution conundrum arises we decide to […]

Friday Fun: Lookback at 2012

Christmas is over and having spent a week off work the boredom is starting to set in and the family members are well and truly getting on your nerves. To relieve all this post Christmas tension, here is a look back at our favourite fun moments of the year: – January: Sainsbury’s decided to rename […]

Friday Fun

Once again Friday is upon us, and no one wants serious debate on a Friday. Here are internet’s offerings for the week: – Chinese paper publishes the Onion’s spoof on Kim Jong Un as the “Sexiest Man Alive”, phwoar! – The police in Barnstaple have detained an emu. The bird was “trying to get into […]

Wetherspoons: Saviour or Executioner?

With over 800 pubs in the UK it’s becoming harder and harder to avoid JD Wetherspoons. It is unlikely that we will including a pub review of a Wetherspoons any time soon, it would be like doing a restaurant review of McDonalds; they’re all more or less the same. What we are going to do […]