The Revolution and the Time Before

It is two hundred and twenty years today since Louis XVI, King of France was executed at the guillotine in Paris, after being convicted for treason. The French Revolution is all the rage at the moment as Les Misérables continues to wow critics, dominates cinemas and now the cast is taking over the charts. The big […]

Britain on Immigration – Is it a Rabbit or a Duck

Theresa May’s key-note speech on immigration has left me rather bewildered. Britain’s immigration policy has continued to be rather confusing and sometimes quite contradictory. The growing public hostility towards immigration is a cause of concern, and somehow it seems that with every new development on the political stage the country moves further and further away from […]

Over-indulgent MPs vs Benefit Scroungers: The never-ending battle

Another week, another scandal. This time is has to light that a sizeable number of MPs rent their properties to colleagues. A pretty nifty way to use up more hard-earned taxpayer’s cash, wouldn’t you say? But we are not here to pick an argument over MP’s expenses; there have been plenty of those. What I would like to draw […]

Kazakhstan vs Religion

Unlike its neighbours the Republic of Kazakhstan has long been considered to be politically stable. Violence in the North Caucus, as well as the Central Asian states of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, has not spilled over into Kazakhstani territory. However, the inter-ethnic linkages that unite the region have contributed to the growing concern of the rise […]

Pub Review: The Old Monk

The Old Monk is a large underground pub located on Strutton Ground five minutes from Victoria Station. An excellent choice in the winter months The Old Monk has a spacious main area, which is suitable for larger groups whether you’re sitting or standing, and several raised sitting areas for smaller groups after a more intimate feel. This combination […]

Ukrainian Opposition – Getting Blood out of a Stone

Ukraine’s brief democratic outbreak has long been forgotten by the West. The Orange Revolution was big news back in 2004, after all, it mobilised the highest numbers of any democratic revolution. The uprising put Ukraine on the map, so to speak, as the media’s latest scause. If nothing else, it made a great story. Here’s a pop-cultural […]