What’s on: 28th December – 30th December

We have been keeping quiet this week as we have been pretty busy being festive, cooking (and complaining about it) and spending money we don’t have in the sales. To break up this routine we have found some lovely things to do over the weekend. Walking with Dinosaurs, the arena spectacular, has been at the […]

A Christmas Experiment

N.B. In lieu of the holidays we have enlisted our favourite food-scientist Dr Paterson (who is neither a doctor nor a scientist).  Well done parents for doing Christmas the last twenty-odd years. From this week’s experiences the whole thing seems pretty darn hard. Generally I despair of Mr Pixie’s lackadaisical attitude to planning, and to […]

Friday Fun

London weather today has been rather miserable, so here is something to cheer you up: – Jack Shepherd provides us with some much love catertainment with 30 most important cats of the year. – Polish-born Tomasz Paczkowsk answers the iron. – As it’s party season, here is a tutorial to show you how to take great […]

Pregnant Miller too Scandalous for the UK?

This week saw the unveiling of Jonathan Yeo’s revealing portrait of the heavily pregnant Sienna Miller in Berlin. Miller posed for the controversial piece a few weeks before the birth of her daughter, Marlow, back in July. Yeo seems pretty pleased with the result, as he captured “some of that moment of transition between youth […]