The Revolution and the Time Before

It is two hundred and twenty years today since Louis XVI, King of France was executed at the guillotine in Paris, after being convicted for treason. The French Revolution is all the rage at the moment as Les Misérables continues to wow critics, dominates cinemas and now the cast is taking over the charts. The big […]

Britain on Immigration – Is it a Rabbit or a Duck

Theresa May’s key-note speech on immigration has left me rather bewildered. Britain’s immigration policy has continued to be rather confusing and sometimes quite contradictory. The growing public hostility towards immigration is a cause of concern, and somehow it seems that with every new development on the political stage the country moves further and further away from […]

Saying Goodbye to Internet Freedom

Wherever you are, whatever field you will, no doubt, be constantly hearing about the changing “world of communication”, and “digital democracy”, and “social media management”. The thing is, the internet has changed, well, everything. This fact seems particularly poignant today as it is this year’s biggest online shopping day, huzzah for the economy. Politics? Just […]