Pub Review: The Old Monk

The Old Monk is a large underground pub located on Strutton Ground five minutes from Victoria Station. An excellent choice in the winter months The Old Monk has a spacious main area, which is suitable for larger groups whether you’re sitting or standing, and several raised sitting areas for smaller groups after a more intimate feel. This combination coupled with the offshooting nooks and crannies and the underground location gives The Old Monk the feel of Aladdin’s Cave; providing Aladdin replaced all the gold with wood.

There is a good selection of Ales at prices that are reasonable for the centre of London.If you are feeling peckish The Old Monk has you covered. There is a good selection of quality food, including vegetarian options, and the service is always exemplary. They even have a big TV for the football. There are only two real problems with The Old Monk. Firstly, its large open space and overt cleanliness does mean it lacks the character of some of the other pubs in the area. Secondly, while in winter it is a wondrous feeling to escape underground from the cold in summer you will feel starved of sunlight and it can get a bit stuffy. Thankfully London summers don’t tend to last that long.

Overall, The Old Monk should be top of the list for a good, reasonable pub to grab a bite to eat. The acres of space also make it an excellent location for a good debate as there is almost always somewhere you can tuck yourself away.

Pub Rating       4.0/5.0

Debate Rating  4.1/5.0

The Old Monk: Strutten Ground, London SW1P 2HP


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