5 Things Obama Can Do if He Loses

With the closest election in years Obama must be considering his options if he loses. We’ve come up with some suggestions to help him along.

1. Public Speaking: This is obviously Obama’s strong point, nobody can get a crowd raring quite like him. There is no doubt if he does lose we will see him cropping up on the speakers circuit after he’s licked his wounds. The question is will a defeated Barrack be able to give the same passion and vigour as he did in New Hampshire in 2008?

2. Envoy: Barrack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace prize in 2009 for little more than getting everyone in a positive mood. That, and giving us all hope. Maybe he could take Tony Blair’s Middle East job, roll up his sleeves and earn that Nobel Prize by sorting out the world’s most troubled region. After all, Obama was the man who single handedly took down Bin Laden…

3. Kenyan President: If we believe Donald Trump, President Obama was born in Kenya. If that was the case why not become President of Kenya. Probably because Obama is not eligible… but that doesn’t mean the Kenyan people would not vote for him anyway.

4. Retire: Maybe he should accept his fate and disappear from public life.

5. Hillary/Biden/Obama: Everybody loves an underdog story, and what better story than being on top, getting knocked down only to get up again. It’s why we loved Mohammed Ali, it’s why we love the Rocky films and it could be why we love Obama. Wouldn’t we all love to see an almost rematch with Obama on the slate with Hillary. Or to save money on campaign material they could just change Obama/Biden to Biden/Obama.


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